About San Francisco Suiseki Kai

History: San Francisco Suiseki Kai was founded in 1981 by a group of issei Japanese-Americans. The first teacher, Keiseki Hirotsu, helped to introduce suiseki to California in the 1960s.

Meetings: At meetings (held in the evening in Oakland) we conduct club business and have lectures on suiseki and related topics. Members bring their stones to the meetings and enjoy group critique and lively discussion.

Exhibit: The club holds an annual exhibit every year at the Japan Center in San Francisco, where both new and senior members can display their stones to the public.

Activities: The club’s primary activity is stone-collecting, and we have several group collecting trips each year to various northern California locations. In preparation for the August exhibit, we hold a base-making workshop in early summer. In late January we have a pot-luck New Year’s Party.

Through these activities, and getting to know other experienced suiseki artists and collectors, members learn the aesthetic principles of the art as well as the practical skills.

We welcome visitors to any club meeting, and membership is open to anyone who wants to participate in club activities. Dues are $20/person or $30/family.

For More Information

Please send an email to sfsuisekikai@gmail.com .

Important note:  if you do not receive a reply in a few days, please check the spam/bulk folder in your online webmail account.


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