2017 Schedule Posted

Our current schedule for 2017 is now available (click on the tab above).  Note that some dates are still to be determined and will be posted when known.  We don’t know yet how long the winter rains will last and how high the rivers will be, and this effects when and where we can go collecting in the spring.



2 Responses to 2017 Schedule Posted

  1. Anonymous says:

    Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to all my friends with the San Francisco Suiseki Kai!! I’m looking forward to visiting the exhibit in August 2017!!! Your Texas Suiseki friend-Alfred Lopez


  2. Alfred Lopez says:

    Hi Janet & Members of the SF Suiseki Kai! Well it’s early June and we are entering our dry period of summer here in San Antonio, which means hot, and hotter, just depending on the humidity!!! I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again this August at the show, as I land early that morning and will be arriving with my two cousins (my bay area family). Really looking forward to purchasing a stone or two and then doing some stone hunting of my own for the week that I’ll be there!

    See Y’all soon! Alfred Lopez


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