Updated 2015 Schedule

The 2015 Schedule has been updated with the dates for our up-coming activities. Click the “2015 Schedule” tab above.  The changes are shown in red.


2 Responses to Updated 2015 Schedule

  1. V Monasterio says:

    Awesome. NotedSent from Yahoo Ma


  2. Alfred Lopez says:

    Hello Janet Roth & members of the San Francisco Suiseki Kai! Greetings from Texas! Well May is over and it went down as one of the wettest May’s in Texas history.Wish I could have sent some rain to San Francisco! San Antonio was spared from everything that y’all probably saw on the National News programs, but we did have some whopper thunderstorms! For San Antonio, we only had three days in May without a trace of rain, and when it did rain, it poured!

    I am excited to say that after four years, I will be coming out to San Francisco on August 1st! After having lost both my parents, and changed careers, life has settled down and I’m happy working in academia again. So I’ll be landing right around the time that y’all will open your doors, so y’all can expect to see the “Suiseki-Texan” and his bay-area cousin this year. I’m really looking forward to seeing your wonderful event and purchasing a stone. I’ll also get around to some rock hunting while I’m there! Janet, congratuations as I saw your stone and your husband’s, in (can’t recall the exact title) but the American Suiseki book. I think I’ve purchased every book I can locate!

    Warm regards, your friend, Alfred Lopez


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