28th Annual Exhibit – 2009

The 28th annual exhibit of San Francisco Suiseki Kai was held on August 1-2, 2009.  The show included 48 stones, including a small collection of biseki (beautiful stones). 

Biseki are stones that do not meet the aesthetic criteria for suiseki, but are appreciated for their beautiful colors or interesting features. This year’s biseki included chrysanthemum stones from Japan, a small fish from Niagara Falls, and a hut stone that had belonged to the owner’s father.

2009 Plaque Winners

John Uchida

John Nishizawa 

Yaeko Nishizawa


Some Biseki

Atsushi Endo

Yaeko Nishizawa

John Nishizawa

Click on any picture to see a photo gallery of the exhibit.


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